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Peer Testimonials

Award-Winning Orthodontist Recommended by Peers

When orthodontists recommend another orthodontist, they are putting their own reputations on the line. That is why a recommendation by their peers is one of the highest accolades an orthodontist can receive. Dr. White Brown is frequently recommended by her peers. Her reputation for quality treatment, state-of-the-art technology, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere has made White Brown Orthodontics an easy choice for referrals. Read the peer testimonials below to learn more.

Dr. Ron Barnett - Barnett Orthodontics - Austin, TX

To my friends and colleagues in South Carolina,

Throughout my career, I’ve made it a point to travel near and far to seek out the best mentors, and colleagues, in the orthodontic profession. When I first met Dr. White Brown, at a meeting in Kansas City, I knew I had really met someone special.

Over the period of several days, we shared case results and clinical treatment techniques - and I quickly discovered that Dr. White Brown is one of the finest orthodontic specialists I’ve ever met. She stays up late at night, travels the world just like me, and reads thoroughly in search of the best treatment options for her patients.

But, she doesn’t stop there. I’ve found Dr. White Brown to be consistently at the top of her game in terms of leadership, employee development, and community service.

If you’re just getting to know Dr. White Brown, or if you’ve known her for years like I have, I’m sure you find her to be consistently honest, trustworthy, and caring - all of the characteristics I look for in a doctor for my own children. I’m honored to know Dr. White Brown and I know you will be too.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Ron Barnett
Barnett Orthodontics

Dr. Dante Gonzales - Dante Gonzales DMD MSD & Associates - Dublin, CA

Dear future orthodontic patient,

You might be wondering why your parents are about to give you braces or why it’s important to see an orthodontist. I was in your shoes once and the entire process was a little intimidating. Luckily for you, that was way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and orthodontic treatment was much more difficult and stressful for the patient.

Today, with great doctors like Dr. Kerry White Brown, you can rest comfortably knowing that the latest technologies like 3D imaging, body temperature-activated wires, and clear aligners are available to make the orthodontic process hassle-free.

When I met Dr. White Brown at an orthodontic conference in Kansas City, I quickly discovered her passion for treating patients the way I do - with the utmost respect for their time and comfort. Before you go home today, make sure you thank your parents, or grandparents, for providing you with a smile that will last a lifetime. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give - and you are about to discover the wonderful world of orthodontics with one of the best orthodontists I know.

Dr. Dante Gonzales
Dante Gonzales DMD MSD & Associates

Doctors Dustin and Tyler Coles - Premier Orthodontics - Phoenix, AZ

Hello Orthodontic Patients!

You might not remember but your parents will understand what braces used to be like years ago. Patients received big heavy metal bands and cold-steel wires. Teeth hurt, a lot. Patients were not thrilled about the process, as I’m sure you can understand.

Unfortunately for the orthodontic profession, there is still a whole lot of old-fashioned treatment that goes on. In our practices, we have always prided ourselves on using the latest technology and helping patients kick the myth that braces hurt. We survey our patients and most report zero pain, or only mild discomfort, after getting their braces. Like a new pair of shoes, they take some getting used to, but the old days of extreme pain and discomfort, thankfully for us and my patients, are over.

That’s why we are so excited that you’ve learned about Dr. White Brown and her practice. We have found her clinical techniques to be so similar to ours that I think we would be in practice together if I lived in your town. Please don’t take what Dr. White Brown is doing for granted. There are very few orthodontic specialists who see things our way - the right way - in helping patients get the smiles they deserve, in as little time as possible, because we embrace the latest technology and most efficient treatment modalities.

You’ve found your way to the right office. And for that, you should be congratulated.

Well done!

Doctors Dustin and Tyler Coles
Premier Orthodontics

Dr. David Caggiano - Caggiano Orthodontics - Parsippany, NJ

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations on finding your way to the office of Dr. White Brown!

While you’re here, you might discover a few fun things I know about Dr. White Brown and I think you’ll find them fascinating. First, Dr. White Brown is wholeheartedly disinterested in building the kind of practice where patients are treated like a number. From the moment you walk in the doors, until the day when your treatment is completed, Dr. White Brown and her team of professionals will go out of their way to make you comfortable.

How do I know? I’m glad you asked. I’ve worked with many orthodontists in many different settings throughout my career. When I met Dr. White Brown, I immediately fell in love with her passion for helping others. We share that passion and I can tell you first-hand that it’s crucial in helping patients achieve the best results.

After all, if you’re not passionate about what you do, why do it at all?

That’s the kind of thinking that has propelled Dr. White Brown into the stratosphere of top-quality orthodontists throughout the country. And, it’s exactly why I’m honored to wholeheartedly endorse the clinical quality and personal character of Dr. White Brown, She is an expert’s expert. I truly hope you appreciate the amazing level of care you’re about to receive in her office.

Dr. David Caggiano
Caggiano Orthodontics

Dr. Paul White - White Orthodontics - Glen Allen, VA

To Parents and Patients Considering Orthodontic Treatment,

I’ve practiced orthodontics in Richmond, Virginia for many years and I want you to know about a good friend of mine and an exceptional leader in the orthodontic profession, Dr. Kerry White Brown.

When I first met Dr. White Brown, I was blown away not only by her ability to consistently produce high-quality orthodontic results for her patients but also by the kind and gentle nature with which the care is delivered.

As a known expert in her field, Dr. White Brown has helped thousands of patients and many orthodontists improve the lives of their patients as well. This is why I’m honored and pleased to write a letter introducing my dear friend and trusted colleague, Dr. White Brown.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for you or your child, you should know that Dr. White Brown is the very first choice among many dental specialists. She is the go-to doctor in your area that other doctors send their kids and spouses to treat. Congratulations on finding your way to such an exceptional specialist. I’m sure you’ll find like I have found, that Dr. White Brown practices at the very top of the profession with outstanding results for her patients.


Dr. Paul White
White Orthodontics

Dr. Tim Scanlan - TS Orthodontics - Asheville, NC

To the Fine Patients in South Carolina,

Just the other day I was reading an orthodontic newsletter and I saw an article about my dear friend, Dr. Kerry White Brown. “There she goes again, “ I said to my wife, “this gal never sleeps.”

But you’ve probably discovered that for yourself by now.

Dr. White Brown is one of the most inspiring movers and shakers I know in the orthodontic profession. Whether it’s donating her time to help children in need, contributing to the advancement of the profession, or simply changing more lives and supporting the community in South Carolina, Dr. White Brown has personally inspired me to be a better orthodontist as well.

I made it a point to write this letter so that you can more fully understand exactly what you’re getting when you bring your child to Dr. White Brown. If I wasn’t an orthodontist myself, I would drive all the way from North Carolina to have Dr. White Brown treat my friends and family. That’s how big of an impact she has had on my life.

Forever a White Brown fan,

Dr. Tim Scanlan
TS Orthodontics

Dr. Jonathan Petrover - Petrover Orthodontics - Wellington, FL

To whom it may concern,

It is an honor and privilege to recommend the orthodontic care of Dr. Kerry White Brown. Throughout my career, I have always admired the work Dr. White Brown does for her patients. Through an international study club, an organization that promotes the highest quality orthodontic treatment for patients, I was able to meet Dr. White Brown and study with her and other top orthodontists throughout the world. What I learned was nothing short of amazing.

Dr. White Brown’s dedication to advancing the profession of orthodontics, changing more lives, and supporting her community has left an impact on me and my practice in Florida. As an example, through Dr. White Brown’s commitment to helping more low-income children through Smiles Change Lives, I’m now able to see a bigger vision for my practice as well.

I’ve told Dr. White Brown this before, and she knows it to be true, but I believe it’s important for all patients, referring dentists, employees, and community leaders in South Carolina to understand what an exceptional world-class orthodontist Dr. White Brown is - and how many lives she has changed through her generous spirit, dedication to clinical excellence, and exceptional leadership.

If I lived in South Carolina, there’s only one orthodontist I would trust to treat my child - and that Doctor is Dr. Kerry White Brown. For all the reasons listed here, and thousands of additional reasons, that any concerned parent would understand to be fundamental to the health care providers we trust with the care of our children. Dr. White Brown is truly a class act and one of the finest orthodontists I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

Dr. Jonathan Petrover
Petrover Orthodontics

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