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orthodontist near edistoRight now, many of us are staying in our homes, save for essential needs. Staying inside can be hard on your mental health, and if you’re a parent with children at home it is even more stressful. Between homeschooling, setting up a schedule for stay-at-home activities, and retaining your work schedule, this unprecedented time calls for more self-care than usual. Our orthodontist near Edisto explains more here. 

Areas For Work

If you are working from home, teaching your kids at home, or working on other projects, try to keep it contained to one room. If you don’t have a spare room or office space, attempt to keep it in a section of your home that is separate from the space you relax in. It is important to create a distinction between workspace and home space, as it can be difficult to focus or know when it’s time to stop working if that line is blurred. It also allows you to exit the work/homework area and enter an area dedicated to hobbies or relaxing.

Take Time for You

It can be difficult to take time for yourself right now, especially if you have children at home, but it’s incredibly important to make that effort. This is a critical time to maintain your mental health and stay grounded. If you can, separate yourself in a room for a while and do something by yourself. Whatever you enjoy, whether that’s reading, a crossword puzzle, yoga…just have some alone time and decompress! 

Dealing With Stress

If it’s chaotic or stressful in your home right now, create order and maintain a schedule. A feeling of structure and predictability will reduce feelings of stress. Additionally, meditation and exercise are extremely helpful tools to keep your stress levels down. Be well and stay healthy. 

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