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Women's intuition. Mother's intuition. Both of these are invaluable to a woman at times. Yet, trusting our intuition can be hard. Especially if other people, or even situations, are presenting us with seemingly conflicting information.

First, it's important to understand what "intuition" is.

Intuition is not really anything mystical or metaphysical. It's not ESP or being psychic or anything like that. In fact, intuition has a very practical foundation.

Intuition - that "sixth sense" it's sometimes called, is actually rooted very deeply in our mental psyche.

It comes primarily from experiential lessons that we might not consciously remember, but that our subconscious has stored away for us. Then, when we need the information garnered from those lessons later, it rises back to the forefront of our mind, seemingly from "nowhere."

Interestingly, there doesn't have to be a direct correlation between the lessons our subconscious has learned and where and when - in what situation - that data chooses to pop up as "intuition" later. That's why intuition can seem so "mysterious."

Instead, what manifests as intuition is related to patterns and connections our mind has learned to make from past experiences.

And therein lies the primary key to learning when, where, and how to truly trust your intuition so that in essence, you make your intuition "stronger" (because it works for you more often).

As you may have guessed by now, the biggest component in having better intuition - that more often helps you make wiser and more helpful decisions and take smarter actions - is conscious evaluation of what your intuition is telling you.

Here are 3 simple questions to ask yourself about messages you are getting from your intuition:

1) WHY do I feel this way?

Sometimes the answer is obvious and not really hidden at all. Is it past experience? A=B? If so, how often has that relationship - or pattern - occurred? All the time? Some of the time? Once or twice? If the correlation is strong and common, then you can likely trust your intuition more. If rarely, then you might be feeling or seeing a pattern or relationship where there is none.

2) HOW could I have arrived at this idea?

Is there any rational basis for what my intuition is telling me or making me feel? Similar to #1 above... is there a logical reason for what you are feeling intuitively? Have there been signs leading up to this point that you may have ignored at the time and maybe don't recall instantly now, but upon consideration, might be relevant?

3) WHAT would I tell someone else who had this "hunch?"

This is a great question for so many different decisions we have to make in our lives. While it can be hard to decide what we should do for ourselves, it's usually much easier to clarify the same if the shoe was on someone else's foot. So much so that it's often surprising how quickly - and accurately - this one question helps to determine if our intuition is accurate.

Of course, there might be times when we can't definitely answer all three of these questions. Yet, our intuition is still in overdrive.

No woman would - or should - ever tell another to ignore strong intuition when it's over the top, even if there doesn't seem to be a practical way to explain it. However, most of the time, that “explanation” should be clear upon some extra-effort evaluation and introspection. If, instead, you find yourself always acting on intuition only to be proven wrong - or even semi-wrong - then the questions above should be helpful in increasing your "winning" percentage.

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